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Yesterday we presented our Minor project to the group. The crit was an assessment point and so it felt odd not to receive any feedback or comments from the tutors. I’m hoping the fact that they had no questions meant that the concepts within the work had been sufficiently explained. It was the first time that I had […]

Please click above to enlarge Above are excerpts ftom “Mass Observation” by Gillian Wearing and are concerned with the sound of the narrative voice. Wearing uses sound in her installations to alienate the possibility of “truth” and often mis matches visual and audio. This is somethnig I have not attempted in an extreme form in my […]


“Snapshot collections, like home movies, reveal most photographer’s reluctance to create visual stories or visual narratives. The narrative  remains in the heads of the picturemakers and on-camera participants for verbal telling and re-telling during exhibition events. Significant details remain as part of the context; the story does not appear in the album or on the […]

“An Exhibition Event consists of any action(s) which occurs after shooting, in which photographic, filmic, or video imagery is shown and viewed in a public contect. For purposes of studying the home mode, we will call “public” any audience that consists of more than the picture taker or the editor (if editing was done at […]

Will’s facebook page is looking ready for the screenshots but I noticed that having not tagged any of the photographs it doesn’t look quite as we’d expect. I’m wondering whether to tag the people with made up names or whether to keep them nameless implying universiality. I defiantely didn’t want to caption any of the photographs as […]

My final dilemma of this project is that of presentation. I have been thinking that in order to be authentic and true to the original way in which each media would now and would have then been displayed, that I should do a projector slide show for the slides with some method of having a sound track played alongside, still keeping […]