Snow Go


Dissertation feedback was due this week and we’ve been unable to attend uni due to the heavy snowfall. Pete contacted me saying he had recorded the Chris King talk and I would be welcome to a copy which is fantastic news. In the talk Chris King pretty much said what I would ask he repeat for the purposes of my dissertation. Having an audio copy like this will help me on my way.  Thank you Pete!

Stress of not being able to get in and worrying about my essay draft has kept me awake. I realised that I have done so much reading that I’ve fallen into the trap of rehashing other people’s theories and ideas without really having a focus on what it is I want to communicate and why. The book Snapshot Versions of Life by Richard Chalfen has sort of provided the missing link and I have been unable to reconcile this with what I’ve already written. Suffice to say I’m not happy with that I have and I’ve felt like I needed to make a change but didn’t know what this could be.

At 3.30am this morning, unable to sleep I began to put these thoughts together in my head and think about what would be the most crucial points I could cover without exceeding the word count and I realised a lot of what I’ve written was surplass to my intention and kind of like a collection of tangents. I don’t know what happened but I had a moment of clarity and got out of bed to write what wil now be my revised plan. I won’t have to start completely from scratch as some of what I’ve written is still very relevant. It’s just now I feel I’ve defined the theories and images I want to discuss and how these could possibly fit together.

Today I feel as though I can breathe again!


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