Archive for the ‘Dissertation’ Category I’ve just been made aware of this article on BBC News today which seeems to adress the exact issue I’ve been referring to. By Zoe Kleinman Technology Reporter, BBC News Cheers… but is this photo an invasion of privacy? “People who post intimate details about their lives on the internet undermine everybody else’s right […]

Found Imagery?


My initial thoughts were to use the imagery that I’d found on the broken laptops that my partner repairs but having gone through these they don’t really communicate anything relevant for the piece as I imagine it. My thoughts have been to keep continuity with the past piece in which I’d actually purchased discarded slides specifically […]

Snow Go


Dissertation feedback was due this week and we’ve been unable to attend uni due to the heavy snowfall. Pete contacted me saying he had recorded the Chris King talk and I would be welcome to a copy which is fantastic news. In the talk Chris King pretty much said what I would ask he repeat […]

I took extensive notes of the talk given by the photographer Chris King and will scan these and post them here for reference but my plan is to get in touch with him regarding his agreeing to be interviewed for the final chapter of my dissertation. I am aware that time is running short now and this is […]

Handout produced for the work in progress seminar handout This also acts like a brief summary of my chapter formation and structure.

Ploughing on


I’m ploughing on with my dissertation at every given oppurtunity. Hours of work seem like nothing but I’m sure that somewhere it will all fit together by default. I’m hoping the seminar on Thursday will help with this as nervous as I am about public speaking and not so constructive criticism.

Research so far


I’ve not written much on my blog lately because I’m feeling the looming deadline for the dissertation draft. I’m hoping to gain some valuable feedback when we present our work in progress seminars and also I thought it might be useful to make a list of all material I have consulted so far. I won’t be using all of it […]