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Here is an excerpt from the cyclothymia section of the pamplet about Bi-Polar sent to me by Kate, the kind nurse I spoke to on the NHS helpline. Although I now know that I do not suffer from the condition, the symptoms are still remarkably similar to my own experiences with severe hormonal fluctuation. I […]

In an attempt to view the exciting exhibition Itchy Scratchy which features work by 89 different photographers, we forgot to check out the opening times and arrived on the day that the aptly named “permanent” gallery is shut. It seems that the permanent is not permantently open.  So here is a pointless photograph of how close […]

Today I went to see the work Chameleon by Tina Gonsalves. It was an interractive installation where faces on video screens supposedly register the mood of the viewer and change over time to mirror the emotional state of the viewing public. When we walked in the atmosphere was serene with the screens suspended from above […]

Interestingly listed on Ebay as “OVER 80 STRANGE, WEIRD, WACKY, OR BORING” The same man is selling more amateur slides. I am really very interested in his classifications and his method of grouping. I would never imagine that wacky and boring are of the same group and if this is so then how has he […]

After grappling with The Optical Unconscious I have found myself with a creative block. Last night that block was eased a little by The Return Of the Real by Hal Foster, in my opinion a more approachable read which makes some of the theories discussed by Rosalind E.Krauss a little more accessable.  I feel that this reading is […]

Feeling blue…


Earlier than predicted the hormones have kicked in once again and I’m feeling bluer than the blue cat in the blue cat movie. I’ve worked hard all day today and it seems that I’ve achieved nothing. I am, as ever, thankful for the support I have around me and hope that the things-that-go-bump-in-the-night will bring me […]

After a long day grappling with the suggested reading by Rosalind E. Krauss I’m still not brainy enough to understand ‘The Optical Unconscious’ and will reluctantly have to call it a day on that particular source.  I feel like this week has been one where I’ve worked hard but got absolutely nowhere. The progress on the dissertation is slow […]

Please check out this exhibition concerned with the impossiblity of reproducing the infinite. It features work by local artists Ned McConnell, Danniella Norton, Lorenza Ippolito, Sandra Heathcote, Emelye Perry, Giuseppe Iozzi and Tila Rodreguez-Past. It’s sure to be challenging and full of conceptual work. Well worth a look if you’re round that way. Please click through to it’s all […]

Following my extended tutorial with Claire Scanlon I have been given some suggested reading to help with my topic of interest. The books I’m in search of are as follows; Towards a Philosophy of Photography by Vilem Flusser The Return of the Real by Hal Foster Jacques Lacan by Sean Homer The Optical Unconscious by Rosalind […]

Another idea for my minor project was to photograph an elderly woman I know named Mary. I have known Mary since I was a little girl and have always admired her flare for fashion and glamourous appearance. I particularly enjoy the way she is so keen to share her old photographs. She looks like Audrey […]