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Here are two images from my shoot with Mary. In the first she is closing her eyes but I think it had to be this way. It shows her elegance and delicate bone structure. The second image is taken in her garden, it features an odd juxtaposition of the neighbour’s cat and her walking stick. […]

  To me these seem very grainy but they were taken on my Olympus XA at a wide aperture on 400 ASA bulk loaded film so I think I am being a little quick to judge the scanner by the merits of this. I’m very pleased with these images which were processed in my kitchen. I […]

I’ve finally bought a negative scanner and I’m now in the process of trying to get optimum results with it which is harder than it sounds. I will post my first scans shortly!   

Ploughing on


I’m ploughing on with my dissertation at every given oppurtunity. Hours of work seem like nothing but I’m sure that somewhere it will all fit together by default. I’m hoping the seminar on Thursday will help with this as nervous as I am about public speaking and not so constructive criticism.

Research so far


I’ve not written much on my blog lately because I’m feeling the looming deadline for the dissertation draft. I’m hoping to gain some valuable feedback when we present our work in progress seminars and also I thought it might be useful to make a list of all material I have consulted so far. I won’t be using all of it […]