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Last week we arrived in London en-mass to take in some of the most recent exhibitions. These were; Sara Ramo: Movable Planes; Jim Goldberg: Open See; …both at the photographer’s gallery. (I didn’t think much of either and therefore don’t feel particularly inclined to comment) We then saw an exhibition on the History of Photography […]

Here are some images from the Socially Signified talk we attended at the BLANK gallery in Portslade as part of the It’s All About Paradise 2 exhibition. The talk focused on reappropriation and the value of the copy which is important when thinking about the reproduction of art and the simulacrum. I particularly liked the […]

In an attempt to view the exciting exhibition Itchy Scratchy which features work by 89 different photographers, we forgot to check out the opening times and arrived on the day that the aptly named “permanent” gallery is shut. It seems that the permanent is not permantently open.  So here is a pointless photograph of how close […]

Today I went to see the work Chameleon by Tina Gonsalves. It was an interractive installation where faces on video screens supposedly register the mood of the viewer and change over time to mirror the emotional state of the viewing public. When we walked in the atmosphere was serene with the screens suspended from above […]

Please check out this exhibition concerned with the impossiblity of reproducing the infinite. It features work by local artists Ned McConnell, Danniella Norton, Lorenza Ippolito, Sandra Heathcote, Emelye Perry, Giuseppe Iozzi and Tila Rodreguez-Past. It’s sure to be challenging and full of conceptual work. Well worth a look if you’re round that way. Please click through to it’s all […]