Gillian Wearing- Mass Observation


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Above are excerpts ftom “Mass Observation” by Gillian Wearing and are concerned with the sound of the narrative voice. Wearing uses sound in her installations to alienate the possibility of “truth” and often mis matches visual and audio. This is somethnig I have not attempted in an extreme form in my piece but I do feel as though her comments are relevant as they speak about the inner voice. The voice that  I am suggesting is concealed by our family imagery and the narrative voice that gives this work an element of the auto biographical.

“I CAN NEVER FORGET THAT I AM ALWAYS “OUTSIDE”  the inner experience of another person. Wearing adds to this knowledge of the less obvious observation that talking about such experiences-communicating them to each other-also places the other person outside of his or her own experience, introducing an irreducible inner difference or nonidentity. we hare our self-estrangement by giving voice to it. Cold comfort.” 

 pg 38 – Mass Observation, Gillian Wearing


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