To Tag or Not to Tag…?


Will’s facebook page is looking ready for the screenshots but I noticed that having not tagged any of the photographs it doesn’t look quite as we’d expect. I’m wondering whether to tag the people with made up names or whether to keep them nameless implying universiality. I defiantely didn’t want to caption any of the photographs as I felt this would distract from the audio. The thing about this facebook idea is that the images are directly now related to the character of Will in the story and this was something I didn’t do with Karen’s story. I’m wondering then is actually showing them in the context of the social networking site too overt? I liked the connection between the audio and the image in Karen’s film because it wasn’t commenting directly on Karen’s memories, just the difference between private and public demonstrated by the snapshot, and how there are conventions to what we expect. Now I feel as though I’ve distorted this with the facebook idea by directly linking these images to the character in the story and suddenly that feels wrong.

I’m wondering if it is better to show the images I’ve chosen in the same format as Karen’s images, with a black background, and keep continuity and concept in tact. It’s my gut feeling that the presentational method and the images themselves will speak enough about the way the snapshot has changed (as has the means by which we view them) for the viewer of the work to make this connection independantly.

I think doing it this way would invite comparison between the style of photography in both pieces which is totally right. In the context of the social networking site there are numerous distractions such as attention grabbing adverts down the side and applications of the site. Both good devices to mask the audio, as was the original point, and thinking about the context in which we view our images once we put them on social networking sites in terms of things like advertising is certainly valid and interesting but I don’t feel like the work needs or would benefit from this extra layer at this stage because it would be attempting to address too much, and I think as a result, the point of the work would get lost in the many issues the social network page itself presents.

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