Minor project proposal form

BA (Hons) Contemporary Photo Arts Practice

Yr 3

Minor Project Proposal Form

Katy Lewis


Date: 22/09/09

Due Date: 02/10/09

Title:  No title as yet but chosen word is a possibility – Void

Area to be investigated:

Private imagery (the image “projected”) vs. the inner truth.

Main questions to be explored:

I want to mirror the experience of “masking” something.

I want to fuse the subject I have been researching for my Dissertation (the psychology of the snapshot) with the health concerns I have been experiencing privately because I can see a juxtaposition which occurs between the images we choose to make and keep of ourselves and our families, and the issues and secrets hidden beneath these private affirmations (which must be universal?)  

Aims:  To make a piece that very subtly juxtaposes the safety and comfort of knowing where we come from and/or belong (realised through cine film imagery) and the way we really are, what lies beneath (realised through a narrative soundtrack)

Method: primary and secondary research:

Primary – record ongoing my experience towards a diagnosis for monthly erratic mood swings and migraines in blog form.

Secondary – source examples of installation that uses imagery of the family and carry over research from dissertation subject, Sonntag, Barthes and Jo Spence etc.

Action plan: I’ve been reading medical texts in the areas of PMDD (severe PMS) and cyclothymia (mild bi-polar) that include case studies of individuals experiencing similar symptoms to my own and I need to paraphrase these to create a narrative that I can use and feel the most relevant.

I need to find a way to convert my VHS footage into a digital format that I can edit on CS premier Pro and then save as a file that can be projected.   

I need to arrange a time to record the narrative once it is written which means planning a trip to Hertfordshire.


Anticipated equipment needs:

Own equipment – Capture method and speakers for the showing of the work, CS premier pro and DVD discs and player

College equipment – Marantz sound recorder and a capture device if I can’t source a method myself to transfer the footage from VHS

Anticipated material needs: None foreseen

Anticipated presentational requirements:

Form- projection with soundtrack either DVD or PC

Space- any that can be darkened

Materials- none

Equipment- projector (with cables to DVD or PC and speaker output) and screen

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