Archive for the ‘Minor project’ Category I’ve just been made aware of this article on BBC News today which seeems to adress the exact issue I’ve been referring to. By Zoe Kleinman Technology Reporter, BBC News Cheers… but is this photo an invasion of privacy? “People who post intimate details about their lives on the internet undermine everybody else’s right […]

Found Imagery?


My initial thoughts were to use the imagery that I’d found on the broken laptops that my partner repairs but having gone through these they don’t really communicate anything relevant for the piece as I imagine it. My thoughts have been to keep continuity with the past piece in which I’d actually purchased discarded slides specifically […]

I spent the last 2 days editing the sound recording I made the other night of Will’s story. Technically the quality wasn’t as good as the audio I recorded for Karen’s story but I wanted to source my own equipment as I have found booking out the college equipment to be quite problematic. There was quite […]

I’m currently editing Will’s story, (I got his name wrong previously from memory) to a length that will match the narrative of Karen’s story. Although similar in length it seemed a little more long winded so I have taken out anything that I would deem superflous to the narrative, and transposed it. I’m going to record the narration tonight using […]

Tom’s story


I’ve been thinking about how I can make my piece more rounded in terms of gender and have taken on board the suggestion that I experiment with looking at the mood disorder from the viewpoint of the male by including the story of  Tom which was the counterpart to Karen’s story in the medical text I researched. […]

Taking on board the comments and feedback from the interim crit I am encouraged that the work I’ve produced conveys the intended meaning quite successfully. It was late in the day when I spoke about my piece and as a result I got asked a question which I didn’t answer to the best of my […]



The whole premise for the soundtrack is the theory that it’s 80% HOW you actually say something and 20% WHAT you actually say. To realise this we recorded 4 recordings featuring two different versions of the transcript. The first is matter of fact and the second adds elements of a fairy tale story into the narrative. Both are transcribed. 1. […]