Major Project proposal form


BA (Hons) Contemporary Photo Arts Practice

Yr 3

Major Project Proposal Form

Katy Lewis


Date: 22/09/09

Due Date: 16/10/09

Title:  Soliloquy of Transference or Pulling Petals, or Quod. 

Area to be investigated:  The human tendency to try and make sense of rejection or abandonment by way of repetition and transference.  

Main questions to be explored:

Is it possible to emulate the experience of observing the obsessional state of mind and repetitive need for analysis (of situation and self) that human beings are capable of when relationships fail or become outside of their control? And if so is transference achieved?

Confusion and questioning (both of subject and viewer)

Reflection and entrapment (of oneself)

Introspection based on doubts about an unknown situation.

Method: primary and secondary research:

Primary – To obtain and re-work footage of the subject in question. Primary research will also include notes I’ve made around this theme and also my own experiences where I’ve exhibiting this particular kind of behaviour.

Secondary – Sophie Calle , The Exquisite Pain. Coming Apart, 1969. Sam Taylor–Wood, Breach’s Girl and Eunuch. Gillian Wearing, Signs that say what you want them to say and not signs that say what someone else wants you to say. Douglas Gordon, 24 Hour Psycho. Pedro Almodovar, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.  The use of the screen in installation. Bruce Nauman, Pierrick Sorin. Theory to include; Jaques Derrida and Michel Foucalt, Madness and Civilization.

Action plan: In the first instance to rework the footage I have already shot and possibly record a new set of interviews if the man in question sticks to his verbal agreement. This will not be the main crux of the piece though, just supporting research because I find him unreliable.

To record all research in my blog and to take my starting point from the installation I made last year. Assess which elements worked in my opinion and which did not. I have very clear ideas on what was achieved and what was missing or ineffective so I want it to evolve by starting to consider my presentational requirements from scratch. 


Anticipated equipment needs:

Own equipment –  Flat monitor screens (approx 15 inch) connected to 4 laptops, a pc with premier pro, HD camera with tripod.  External speakers x4

College equipment – None foreseen.

Anticipated material needs: Access to the wood workshop and considerable help with construction. 4 wood panels and some kind of stands, 4 mirrors, some chairs. Paint. 

Anticipated presentational requirements: A space that is a minimum of 6ft x 6ft with the necessary output nearby to power to 4 laptops

Form- 4 screen installation with mirrors

Space- Any that can be darkened but open space is best.

Materials- Probably more than I can anticipate at this point.

Equipment- It’s too early to say at this point.

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