Sound for Part 2


I spent the last 2 days editing the sound recording I made the other night of Will’s story. Technically the quality wasn’t as good as the audio I recorded for Karen’s story but I wanted to source my own equipment as I have found booking out the college equipment to be quite problematic. There was quite a lot of base to the voice and noise interferrence but I have had a go with Audacity the free audio editor that I learned to use for the mind project in year one and found a noise reduction feature that helped considerably. Also a fun discovery was that you can change the pitch of the audio altering the pitch of the narrator’s voice and I did quite a bit of experimentation with this finally deciding on raising the pitch slightly to make the voice sound younger which would seem to fit with the story about the demise of Will since University. From the details in the story I would gather that Will is still a young man. Again this raises the debate of whether I want the viewer to assume the narrator is the character but I think matching the voice to the story as seen with Karen’s film, adds that dimension and it becomes an added possibility for the viewer to consider. Without being patronising or prescribing the response.

The actual words are read faster than in the case of Karen. I tried to get the narrator to slow down but when I listened to this back it sounded really too low and almost like overkill of the original effect considering that having  few inflections in the voice was key. I added some more pauses in Adobe Premier Pro. I can now say that I am happy to use the vocal as is.


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