Primary Research for the Dissertation and Word Count Worries


I took extensive notes of the talk given by the photographer Chris King and will scan these and post them here for reference but my plan is to get in touch with him regarding his agreeing to be interviewed for the final chapter of my dissertation. I am aware that time is running short now and this is the last e-mail I received from Sonja Campbell of the snapshot museum;

Hi Kate,
Thanks for the questions.  I’m currently in the middle of putting together a new show (see website for details – so it will be early January now when I will get round to answering you Q’s.
If this is too late let me know and I’ll see if I can squeeze it in over xmas….
Also the book “Photography” by Stephen Bull arrived from Amazon which I pre-ordered in October and I’m going to read the chapter dedicated to the snapshot as soon as I get a spare afternoon. Hopefully there will be some interesting ideas that tie in to my dissertation therein.
My concern is that with the addition of Richard Chalfen’s Snapshot Versions of Life and this latest book and the 2 interviews, that I will have too much. I’ve already reached the word count and I didn’t get started on chapter 3 other than to give a brief outline. It seems as though the focus has morphed into more interesting areas now I’m thinking about the thrid chapter which makes me want to start again, keeping more of a focus on the differences between prints and digital. It’s a huge problem as there is a huge tradition of critical thinking regarding the snapshot as we knew it and what it is that makes us take the images we do and I have to include this, but there have been so many interesting takes on a modern idea of what the snapshot means by artists like Joachim Schmid and Sonja and Chris King who is concerned about the technological advances of the medium which affects how we take and display our images that I now want to explore this and the word count will not allow me to do both.
I’m hoping that the dissertation feedback I will get on Wednesday will help to shed some light about what I can do. I’m already over the word count but the chance to include a couple of genuinely interesting interviews is too good to pass up.  

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