Editing (Tom’s) Will’s story


I’m currently editing Will’s story, (I got his name wrong previously from memory) to a length that will match the narrative of Karen’s story. Although similar in length it seemed a little more long winded so I have taken out anything that I would deem superflous to the narrative, and transposed it.

I’m going to record the narration tonight using a male voice. I’m excited because I don’t know yet what is likely to organically emerge from this. I know that many facets emerged in the last recording session and to hear another take on the reading of a piece like this will be great and perhaps broaden my ideas of what can be achieved.

Thoughts for the visual are to perhaps include the actual social networking site page as the photographs are being shown because this is generally how we view images today. I’m not sure whether to create a psuedo facebook account for the fabled Will which will allow me to upload photographs, but this would become a question of whether I want to attribute these images to an owner or center them with one person ( which is unlike what I did for Karen) which would take out the found aspect and replace it with a  fabrication of authorship. This in tern would then have to be made up of a series of screenshots so that the slideshow can run automatically on a laptop. The other option is keep the emphasis on the photographs themselves and exclude the facebook or myspace background which seems more in keeping with the original intention but less obviously about the modern ways in which we view images. Having said that if they are on a laptop then this is pretty explainatory in my opinion. 

I’ve booked a tutorial for Wednesday with Claire to discuss the presentation and display as it’s good to have an idea of where the work will be ultimately shown in order to decide how best to maximise the space to suit the piece.

I’ve now got to source some snapshot images that communicate the reflected self from the point of view of the young man. I’m looking forward to this. I do have some found images that have come from broken laptops but then I could find some from the internet too in the public domain so I will have to see how this shapes up. I have a rough idea in my mind of the kind of thing I will be looking for and so this is a good place to start.


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