Idea development


I’ve decided to stick to the idea outlined in my minor project proposal form which can be seen by clicking on the header entitled minor above. So this entails making a video piece or slide projection with audio soundtrack based on family imagery which will echo what I have been writing about in my dissertation.

I think that I will stick to the issue of the mental disorder bi-polar because although I do not have this condition, I have lately been experiencing a severe form of PMS called PMDD which is easily confused with cyclothymia (a mild form of bi-polar that I researched quite extensively before I knew what it was that I was actually experiencing)  and the symptoms are very closely related so I do not feel that I will be approaching the subject as a complete outsider.

The soundtrack is the place where I felt I wanted to start because I came across some case studies in a medical thesis I discovered and felt strongly that I wanted to use these.

I tried to book the marantz out from the tech guys but they would not let me take it, and so I’ve had to make do with the microphone that they provided which DID NOT work in my camera as they said it would. Luckily I have good friends who were able to help me out with the recording via a laptop computer. Although this wasn’t what I wanted because I knew it might not provide such a clear sound I think I will go with this because it’s far more hassle than it’s worth trying to get any equipment from uni, it’s like trying to get blood from a stone and I think this is serious issue for anyone who isn’t lucky enough to have a technical minded person in their life avaliable to help. When you’re trying to make practical year three project work and a) they do not take you seriously and b) just don’t want to let you book out what you need, then I think there is a serious problem with the system and attitudes. I will not be relying on that department again.

Suffice to say that my narrator travelled all the way from Hereford and my time with her was limited but she did a top job and now I’ve got to listen to it back on some decent speakers and begin to edit out any unwanted noise in a program such as audacity or premier pro.



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