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Last week we arrived in London en-mass to take in some of the most recent exhibitions. These were; Sara Ramo: Movable Planes; Jim Goldberg: Open See; …both at the photographer’s gallery. (I didn’t think much of either and therefore don’t feel particularly inclined to comment) We then saw an exhibition on the History of Photography […]

Here are some images from the Socially Signified talk we attended at the BLANK gallery in Portslade as part of the It’s All About Paradise 2 exhibition. The talk focused on reappropriation and the value of the copy which is important when thinking about the reproduction of art and the simulacrum. I particularly liked the […]



The whole premise for the soundtrack is the theory that it’s 80% HOW you actually say something and 20% WHAT you actually say. To realise this we recorded 4 recordings featuring two different versions of the transcript. The first is matter of fact and the second adds elements of a fairy tale story into the narrative. Both are transcribed. 1. […]

I’ve decided to stick to the idea outlined in my minor project proposal form which can be seen by clicking on the header entitled minor above. So this entails making a video piece or slide projection with audio soundtrack based on family imagery which will echo what I have been writing about in my dissertation. […]

Handout produced for the work in progress seminar handout This also acts like a brief summary of my chapter formation and structure.