Research so far


I’ve not written much on my blog lately because I’m feeling the looming deadline for the dissertation draft. I’m hoping to gain some valuable feedback when we present our work in progress seminars and also I thought it might be useful to make a list of all material I have consulted so far. I won’t be using all of it but I would like to be able to look back and consult it if needed, “…in no particular order” ;


Susan Sonntag – On Photography

Roland Bathes – Camera Lucida

Jo Spence and Joan Soloman (ed) – What Can a Woman Do With a Camera? – Photography for Women

Hal Foster – The Return of the Real

Vilem Flusser – Towards a Philosophy of Photography

Celia Lury – Prothestic Culture – Photography, Memory and Identity

Sean Homer – Jacque Lacan

Linda Berman – Beyong the Smile

Michel Foucalt – Madness and Civilization

Lydia Alix Fillingham – Foucault For Beginners

Liz Wells – Photography: A Critical Introduction

Rosalind E. Krauss – The Optical Unconscious

Richard Chalfen – Snapshot Versions of Life


Facebook, The Image, And the Virtual Cedar Bar – Afterimage – The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism – Media and Literacy Special Issue vol.37, No.2 sep/oct 2009


The Genius of Photography Season 1, Episode 5 – We Are Family, BBC4

The Genius of Photography Season 1, Episode 6 –  Snap Judgements, BBC4

Small Objects of Desire, BBC4

Thoroughly Modern, The Snapshot Camera, BBC4


La Jetee, 1962 – Chris Marker

Strange Days, 1995 – Kathryn Bigelow


It’s All About Paradise 2 – Blank gallery Portslade, Socially Signified Seminar 29/10/09

Lives Less Photographed – Brighton Museum

I still hope to conduct e-mail interviews with Sonja Campbell of the Snapshot Museum and Stephen Bull of Portsmouth University.

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