Problems with The Optical Unconscious


After a long day grappling with the suggested reading by Rosalind E. Krauss I’m still not brainy enough to understand ‘The Optical Unconscious’ and will reluctantly have to call it a day on that particular source. 

I feel like this week has been one where I’ve worked hard but got absolutely nowhere. The progress on the dissertation is slow and I’m frustrated at my lack of a coherent structure for any arguments or points I wish to raise. I seem to be collecting quotes and ideas like a magpie but it with no real direction and I feel as though this is something that should be starting to come together by now.

I’m going to stop now because it’s 22.58, and start again when I feel less negative about the whole thing. I’m thankful for my alloted tutorial on Wednesday to be able to discuss my concerns and on a more positive note Alistair has agreed to order the book ‘Snapshot Versions of Life’ by Richard Chalfen for the library. I have ordered ‘Jacques Lacan’ by Sean Homer from Amazon because it has very clearly defined chapters on the concepts of the real and the symbollic.

As far as ‘The Optical Unconscious’ is concerned I’m sure that it’s not for everyone but at least I gave it a jolly good go!

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